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checked in on another forum today...i first started on that forum until i realised the ppl there were CAPITAL CU^TS!!! i then searched around & found a home with the .org family.

mostly.......down-to-earth ppl great info & advice.

i felt greatly irritated today when i checked in on the OTHER forum & found that they refer to us on this site as HATERS.ORG....i thought WTF!

:flush: :flush: :flush: :flush: :flush: :flush: :flush: :flush: :flush: :flush:

flush them down the toilet!


The crowbar!
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That's us! haters one and all!...and such a close knit group too!:thumbsup:

Send the folks on that other site this :moon: for me will ya?
:nono: No more Haters Org for you.. You found a better place with are Org.. Who cares what they say at that Org.. I can't belive they even have a site like that...:welcome:
I am a member of several forums, and there does seem to be a rumor of turmoil on this site.

I have yet to see any turmoil, and occasional disagreement (maybe), but most brothers and sisters argue every once in a while.

All I have to say is keep the great information and knowledge from the great riders flowing freely.


No training wheels?
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They are probably former org members who were banned or just left cause no one would put up with their "C#$P"!! So I say good they have their own site. Makes this place all the more nicer!!!


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ooooh I HATE them when they call us that!!!

BTW what are CAPITAL CUTS? Is that like Prime beef or sumpin?


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I'm willing to bet that hater who hates also hates the fact that they hate us and the other haters so much so that it just drives them to hate post on a hate thread about haters who also hate the haters on a hate thread, and maybe all the haters are on this hate thread about hating as well.....??? man I hate typing so much

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