Has anyone shortend their kickstands?


Cool Breeze
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I going to try cut about an inch out of it and TIG weld the pad back on with stainless filler. Wonder if it will make the kickstand brittle? Has anyone done this? Help,,, thanks

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Mine is now an inch shorter. I'm not sure what filler rod was used.
Lots of folks do it. Doesn't cause any problems unless the weld process isn't done properly.
I just picked up a spare on ebay and will be shortening it soon. I plan on putting a larger pad on the bottom so it won't be so prone to sinking into hot asphalt.
I just need to figure how much to take off as I went down 1" in front and 2" in rear.
I raised the back of the bike 1" using different links...had the same effect as well as improving the ability to dive into corners quite a bit. Highly recommended.
My kickstand was shortened before I bought it, it has been fine, works without a problem..
I just bought an adustible and keep a small plate under the seat for soft terrain.
Cool, thanks for the input guys, I'm going to be giving it a try over the next couple of days..If it doesn't work I'll just have to break down and buy a new one..Thanks again!!
you really dont have to cut the kickstand, you can notch it out at the stop point and the stand will move farther forward.my bike is 2.5" from the oil pan to the ground.it works well,got to save a little $.
I shortened mine. Don't think I would use stainless rod. I used mild steel & a MIG. I cut the plate off, shortened the stem then beveled the cut end of the stem to something like a blunt pencil point. Made several passes with the wire to fill the bevel in, ground off the scabs & rattle canned it.