Hahn replacement headers from powerhouse


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POWERHOUSE MOTORCYCLES is offering these replacement headers for all of you with Hahn turbo kits. Everyone knows one of the weakest points of the Hahn kits are their mild-steel headers, which conveniently crack after about a year of use. How many of you have removed a "good" Hahn header and noticed that the individual pipes have distorted after many heat cycles and have to be almost beat back into the exhaust ports because they didn't line up any more? These replacement headers are made completely out of stainless steel and have a one-piece header flange. And, they are GUARANTEED AGAINST CRACKING OR ANY OTHER DEFECTS FOR TWO YEARS FROM DATE OF PURCHASE!

Keep in mind that the entire weight of the turbo hangs from the header. We have seen more than a few stock, mild steel Hahn headers crack badly - we even had one drop the turbo right on the dyno. I can't imagine what might have happened if the rider had been going down the street.

These headers were designed as an oem replacement for any Hahn turbo system for a Hayabusa, and will fit both the Mitsubishi Super 16 and Super 20 turbos.

Upgrade that Hahn kit with these headers from POWERHOUSE for $750 . . .



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