Had to share this stolen bike story


From ColoradoSportbikeClub.org
"my bike was just stolen about 45 minutes ago. i have lojack and i called the police but im waiting on the first available unit to call me back. if anyone sees it give me a call. 719-313-8690

its a red yamaha fz1. it has a power commander and a yoshi exhaust. black windshield.
and a tank protector right by the seat.
mine doest have the frame sliders or the original exhaust."

"got my bike back. whoever took it put a screwdriver in the ignition and took off with it. the rode around for about 15 miles and dropped it off litereally a block away from my house. cops think it was a kid who took it. everything looks good so far. except the ignition. at least now i dont have to worry about forgetting my keys. lol"

"well the person who stole my bike tried it again.
i was out in the field doing tank training and then i found out.
the story goes is, my wife walked outside to let our dog out at 6:15 yesterday morning. she noticed a young man right beside my bike wich is 15 feet away from the porch on the side of the road. she asked him what he was doing and he replied, this bike was just stolen not to long ago right? she said yeah. and he said well yeah i know i took it. and im gonna take it again and give it to the person i promised it too. he had a fanny pack thing on and as he reached inside he said, well you aint gonna stop me are you? my wife ran inside and called 911. the operator told her to grab the girls and lock themselves in a room. she did and as she was on tghe phone with the operator she could hear the young man on our porch. he was knocking on the door or kicking the door. my wife couldnt hear all the good behind the door and on the phone.
the thing that is weair is the young man had to know she was on the phone calling the cops, but he still stuck around trying to get in the house. the cops got to my house and he was walking down off the porch. they asked him what he was doing and he said he was getting his bike. they arrested him and found a knife on the sidewalk. the knife is what he pulled out of his pack. he also had his girlfriend or at least a girl helping him. she had a screwdriver and a crowbar in her pack.
the guy and girl was arrested. i dont know if the guy is still in jail or made bail. his bail is only 3,000 i think. the girl was released that day and wasnt charged with anything as far as i know.

so not only do i have to worry about my bike but now i gotta worry about this guy getting into my house after my family.
he obviously doesnt car that he can be seen, and doesnt mind stealing in the daylight!
wow, just wow.

this just in,
name, brandon bishop
DOB, dec 10 1988.

if anyone has information on him let me know. or maybe know who he was gonna give my bike too.
like a adress or a name or something. thanks."

my wife says that this is the guy."

That is insane but as others say your wife needs to be shown how to handle a 12 gauge as next time he may actually get inside and the 911 op will not be able to do anything but listen .

Reminds me of the Brinks home alarm commercials .
Girl and kid go inside then look at window right when some nut kicks door in .
Alarm goes off and he runs away .
Phone rings and operator says 'this is brinks is all ok?'
She says 'somebody just tried to break in'
Op says 'ok I'm sending help now!'

What if alarm does nor scare them off ?
The time it takes for anyone to arrive will be ample time for serious harm to happen to folks inside .
West Palm Beach where I live has one of the best response times on the country but it is still 3 minutes on average .
3 mins is a long long time !
def teach her how to shoot the shot gun. also give her some mace. Not that she should try to attempt to stop them next time, it is to protect her and the girls. great job on her part. Sorry to hear.
1. I would get a dog that barks for one........heck even a small one will bark his little butt off at the slightest noise.

2. Alarm that is monitored for home.

3. Most importantly a good home defense firearm (several).
You'll need to go to ColoradoSportbikeClub.org and tell the guy there. This is just a copy and paste from a thread there. :laugh:
It's a good thing he didn't come to my house because my wife doesn't dial 911.

+1 This kid was gutsy, after letting the dog start chewing on him my wife would have gone back in side and got her gun and given him a .38 Cal. tattoo. Someone should pay this kid a visit and make sure he gets a firm and clear message because I doubt the justice system will. $3000 bail? That's nothing, this was attempted home invasion.
Funny something might already be in the works, and I know I wouldnt mind going down there to use my 230 lean pounds of "get the message now?!" I thought about suggesting if and when the punk gets out we have a pow wow in the guys front yard with about 20-30 people.
1. I would get a dog that barks for one........heck even a small one will bark his little butt off at the slightest noise.

2. Alarm that is monitored for home.

3. Most importantly a good home defense firearm (several).

+1 on this Your wife should be armed, it's sad to say but a bullet it in the head is sometimes the only lesson that works on some people an trying to break into your home with a knife an harm your family age is no longer relevant kill him then call 911
Went to the guy's myspace and he has like two friends... Plus he's having a baby with his gf or sister or something... :laugh: Can't tell... :whistle:
He comes Near My House and there will be NO 911 !!!!!!!!!

Just a Little Trip out to the Nevada Desert :thumbsup:

I feel for you and your wife. This makes me think of the home alarm spot on TV. Guy kicks in door and lady/lady and kid run and the alarm co calls to find out if they are safe.
Yea, the cops are just a few minutes away. I guess some people think differently. I hope you take into consideration the thought of ( if not already done) teaching your family to protect themselves when you are not home. I hope that you or a loved one is never forced to take a life. But you have to do what it takes to keep your family safe. There are some bad folks out there, be prepared. Have a plan.

Not knocking you or yours, you just never know what type of nut job is close by and what they are capable of.