greatest songs ever


I recently inherited a sizable collection of music. just under 20,000 songs ranging from 1920's blues and single artist recordings to last weeks mass produce piece of crap. I've been spending a couple hours a night in my headphones going through them all and I got to wondering whats your greatest songs ever?
Don't have to be your favorites, just what's on your all time greatest playlist. I am compiling mine as I write this, sorting through some john lee hooker, BB King, willy Dickson, some soul that I swear was performed into a funnel attached to a record player. for a 32 year old white guy from Canada I have a strange taste in music :laugh:

to start off I'd have to put John Lennon's Imagine on my top 10 for sure
I listen to music as a mood tonic. I love the Blues. Soft Jazz is like a woman talking softly. A little Gangster Rap(Tupac). 60`s, 70`s, and some 80`s music. I love Country music. Classical is good for relaxation. Love songs do it for me. Really liked the Anita Baker songs of the 90`s. Tina Turner after she left Ike was fantastic.
Maze featuring Frankie Beverly(80`s) is bliss.
I like all kinds of music also. To name a favorite would to hard for me. I have cd after cd that I have made over the years with blues country pop and even some rap from Kid Rock. I watch just about all of the singing shows on TV and every time one of the new singers sing an old song I change my mind about my favorite. Right now this is it :laugh:
Guevara's Struggles Won't Hold Him Back - THE X FACTOR USA 2013 - YouTube[/url] Also a touching story
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