Great choices!


Just got back from a holiday out to Las Vegas and Grand Canyon. managed to visit the motorcycle collection on display at the Guggenheim Museum at the Venetian Hotel. WOW, what great collection of bikes and it takes you thru 140 years worth of bike design and history. The best part was the fact that of the 5 motorcycles in my garage 2 of them are represented in the museum. The 1982 Suzuki Katana (the original 1000cc) and the 1999 Hayabusa (copper color) although mine is a blue/silver 2001. If you ever have the chance to get to vegas go the museum. I know the entrance fee is a bit pricey at $15 bucks but where else are you gonna get to see such a collection of bikes I ask. Also the area they devoted to the bikes is very well done. definitely worth it!!

Also on the way back to Vegas we traveled thru Sedona, Az on route 89A west towards Prescott. This road goes thru a old copper mining town called Jerome. The road between Jerome and Prescott is a motorcyclists dream!!! I so wish to have had the Busa or any m/c to have done that bit of asphalt on. So mark it down in your travel planner for a future trip. I'm definitely going back there I told the wife. I did my best to enjoy the curves in pontiac bonneville (rental of course). Also the ride from Flagstaff to Sedona on 89A is well worth it too!!!

Thanks for the great story of your trip. I would love to see the bike collection. Do you know how long it is going to be there? I have the Guggenheim book on the collection and love to drool over it from time to time during winter weather. Especially the Busa picture. Then I can go to the garage and sit on it a while. I have driven the road from Sedona to Prescott through Jerome many times and it is always a hoot to do. Havn't done it on a bike yet, but always see a few riders and envy them on it.