gps mounts


looking at getting a gps mount for the bike, i like the techmount, it looks very well built. If i get a techmount though, how does the gps bolt up to it. Do they also sell a cradle that will bolt to the flat surface of the techmount. I would rather not just slap some velcro to the back of the gps and stick it on there, i want something more secure. I'm talkin about the stem mounts


i actually have 2. I first got the garmin nuvi 200, and then after realizing how much i used it i ended up getting a garmin nuvi 780 a year later. I really like the nuvi 780 but thinking maybe i should use the nuvi 200 strictly for the bike bc i never use that one anymore
Techmounts are good, but I would try RAM Mounts also.

I have a techmount dual stand on my Busa, eventually went to just one to hold the V1, If I was running a nav system I would recommend the ram mount in a hartbeat.

I would be concerned about the weight of the nav system and transmitting vibration through the stem, where the ram mount is going to much shorter coming out of the triple hols it sits in.

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