Got my powdercoating biz started..


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(CorrodedAlien @ Oct. 01 2006,23:34)
you aren't getting any part of the exhaust powder coated.
it wouldn't last.

if you want to change the exhaust a little then you have to use an HPC type or just hi-temp ehaust paint.

quotes not working again...still having to modify.


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(CorrodedAlien @ Oct. 01 2006,20:34)
Agree with above. You could do a ceramic coating yourself, or send it out for coating, but powdercoating wont last too well. I live in S. Arizona.

Next task is to get some examples of Anodizing out on the street locally in hopes to secure a business agreement with a some area shops. Talking with ppl in the know, there are at least two local shops sending parts out to either Phoenix or California for anodizing, I'm going to try and bring the biz back local. Like the PC, I want to have a 24hr turn around, rush jobs (same day turn around) on caseby case basis etc.
i am interested in doing my rear sets, front sets, levers, and the tops of my fairing screws? do you know how much that would be? approxamatly?


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dkariores....I wouldn't pc the levers, the constant friction would end up rubbing them although it would take a while. Anodize the levers and pegs. The fairing screws not sure how well that would work, but anodizing alum ones would be nice, or use Ti screw/bolts. The rearsets (minus pegs) I'd do unbelievably cheap, pm me. I dont want to advertsie on the board since I'm not a paying sponsor.

heavybusa....I actually enjoy pc'ing more than I did building "street & strip" cars, or tuning the pcm's on late model GM's for performance applications. I will hopefully be setting up an anodizing station in the next month or so....then it will be interesting


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Jsut and FYI on the levers, Ive done a few sets and it only wears away where they touch the grips.

Anodizing is the way to go!!!

Have you experimented with the color mixing yet. I have fun making a mess.


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heavy, just a little bit...most ppl want colors already common in use, so makes it easier for me. I have some Psycho Lime and A. Gold on the way, then I'll start my parts.
Pass. Rearsets
Rider RS
Shift linkage, brake linkage, brake caliper arm, both side covers, and then some. Can't wait....hopefully it will come in this 4day w/e, since the w/e after the plastics are scheduled to get painted.


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Very cool, dont mess with Big T he has some crazy purple that I have been wrestling with

Just kidding, I was trying to match some anodized parts that he had.

Be sure to keep posting your work.

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