Got my Dual Sport


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Well, I picked up a 2000 KTM LC4 640 today for a dual sport/trail bike. Got it pretty cheap, and I am praying it is solid. It is NO BUSA, that's for sure. I was scared riding it home since it was so different, not too powerful and crappy suspension.
Hope it all works out for you. I need something for the dirt
I'm looking for a new dirt bike myself... (I used to race motocross)

I just can't seem to stop wanting to play in the dirt!!!
Way to go DOC!! I am going with the DRZ400! Should have it by the beginning of fall(I hope)!!

Marc "Howlin Mad"
In the original message, I did not mean "crappy" suspension in general, just for Busa-type riding.

Thanks guys, I am anxious to go tear up the trails. It is really going to take me a while to used to this beast....

Howlin': I wanted the DRZ400 as well, but I got this one cheaper than I could find a DRZ. The DRZ is lighter and probably better for kicking it in the dirt. The LC4 is bigger, and I hope better, for hauling my phat azz around.

Ha ha you got a DP bike..I have a 97 Honda XR650L
bring it here and wev'e got some awsone trails to ride..
Ps are ya gonna keep all yer scoots..turbo,non turbo,HD,and now a the HD even though they are "semi cool"..?