Got Bored This Morning Took A Ride


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So hubby and I got bored this morning. Took a ride out to Ft. Morgan, AL. It was great. Here are a few pics.

06-06-09 005.JPG

06-06-09 006.JPG

06-06-09 007.JPG

06-06-09 008.JPG
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Very cool, no rain for you guys today? We got hammered again! Hope to ride tomorrow for a while :thumbsup:

we have another ride tomorrow through some twisties up in stanton I think.
Last week we went and got lost. Suppose to do a 140 miles ended up doing 220. It was great. Did 100 today. LOL maybe this is why not to many ride all the time. Good luck tomorrow and I will keep you in my thoughts so that the rain dance we do will help you as well. :)