GoPro hook-up?


Anyone have a hook up for a GoPro motorsports edition? Either a Hero2 or Hero3 black. Best I have seen a Hero3 black is $375 shipped.
bump for anyone that knows of a sweet deal on one of these, want to buy asap but think theres got to be a better deal out there..
While you can occasionally find deals, the GoPro has a minimum advertised price. You will not find a price lower than retail advertised by any dealer -- if they do and GoPro finds out about it they will no longer allow that dealer to sell their product. This doesn't mean that resellers won't offer a better price, in fact I have been buyi g from several Moto shops here in the PacNW, and when I decided I wanted one, I asked them all for a deal. All but a couple offered me between a 15% and 20% discount just for asking "What is the best price you can give me?"

Occasionally, an online reseller will offer a general discount coupon (ie: 15% off of your order) and you can use that to get a discount.

To answer your original question, I am not aware of any current coupons that are out here, but I would go to your favorite moto shop (or other adventure sports store) and ask for a discount. The worst thing that they can say is no.

^ love my silver and just ran her hard today with the suction cup mount to change it up a bit. had mine in Greece under water in the Agean sea about a week ago and the clarity is amazing. your going to have a blast with it.