help with my gopro white


As a disclaimer I will first state that I am not exactly a tech wizard but by the same token I am not a techtard either. That said I CANNOT get my gopro white hero3 to work with the iphone apps. It wont find the gopro .. Neither will the other 2 apps i bought off of itunes. Ive tried using the wifi the blue tooth light is on on the camera. Im lost. It must be a simple solution to this I know but I am lost. My guess is that I am doing something wrong on my phone but I dont know. I need to fix this if i can before I go to the dragon this week. Any help would be appreciated. I dont need it for it to work but I just want to use it
i believe you have to go to Gopro site and register your device. grab the serial number when you pull the battery and then you will be asked to set up a wifi name & password. i have the silver and an iphone 5 and i had to do it twice because i forgot to setup a password with my wifi so i re-registered my device. hope that helps you out. GoPro Official Website: The World's Most Versatile Camera
Did you go into the phones wifi settings and set the gopro to be found,i couldnt get mine to connect until i went into the wifi setting on phone and selected it...
I did finally get it to work. it was my phone. well it was both actually. anyways i got it going. took it out for a ride yesterday and did some recordings. it was pretty cool. i dont know how to attach it here or if i can. i might have to get a youtube account maybe i dont know. I gotta get something figured out cause I am headed for the dragon either tomorrow or Saturday for a week so i am gonna have a bunch of video to post.
Take it from someone who knows... Mounting the camera low on the side makes for some sweet video, but leaning over too far in the curves makes for a short video of your camera getting knocked off. :whistle:

Signing up for a YouTube account is the easiest way to share clips. Glad you hashed it out.
Mount to top of view of any mounting position..i like a straight on view not half the bike with mounting to side of bike...and side of helmet just ruins the way is go out for a ride and try several positions,then view it and see what one you like to record something then have the worst view and wish you mounted it elsewhere...i have mine on top of helmet and 1 on bottom rear fender...used gopros for over 4 yrs...
I did in fact get a youtube account. all set up ..jeff h is the name its under. put an old clip of me on the drag strip against a new vmax from a few years ago. I got a mount on my helmet. thats good advise on the side. I will keep it up high on the side to avoid any close encounters. Might put the other mount on the tail to get it going away. Im headed to the dragon in the morning. I will be there till Tuesday. I got 2 64 gig memory cards and 3 batteries with chargers so I should have some good stuff to post up on youtube.!!
Hopefully not SanDisk 64gb. There are known issues with them in the GoPro. May want to check into that if so.