Going to Mexico


Hey all,
I rode to San Fran and Vegas this year from vancouver BC and absolutely fell in love with touring. I am planning my next trip and the wife and I wanna go into Ensenada Mexico for a couple days and turn back homeward and do the west coast in a little more detail. Anyone ridden to that area of Mexico? I hear it's pretty touristy and reasonably safe but I don't wanna believe everything I hear. I wanna believe that the people are friendly enough and not gonna rape my wife while they pin me down and force me to watch. do I really have anything to worry about or should I avoid crossing the boarder all together.

Assuming that's it's safe enough does anyone have any hidden gems we need to go see or resorts to stay at?? we're thinking late may early June 2014 so there is lots of time to plan still.
thanks in advance
live 5 miles from the border south of texas and i would not risk it especially on a bike. If anything i would say at the very least take someone that knows the area you'll be in.
my folks go play across the border all the time. they dont seem worried. i wouldn't be worried either.
but im an adventure type of guy.
i really liked Mexico. spent some time in Pachuca, building a church when i was young. fell in love with the Bakerys. mexican donuts are rock! Ooo, and the coffie, awesome coffie.

just stay out of "bad" areas, and you should be fine. have fun, drink some tiquila & spend lots of money. :thumbs:
I'm driving so I can't get into it much just yet so l just say his. YOU'RE OUT OF YOUR F'IN MIND

More detail to come when I can type

Like SuperchargedV8 I grew up near the Mexican border, the only difference was I lived in Arizona. I used to travel back and forth all the time for shopping and vacations to San Carlos Mexico. The 1st thing you need to know is that you need to get Mexican Car insurance which is a scam as it wont help you one bit. My wife, who was born in Mexico and grew up in the US in a border town of AZ, has lots of family in Mexico and even she wont go visit them. The worst parts of Mexico right now are all areas within 160 kilometers of the border and all of the major metropolitan areas. Visiting Mexico right now is okay if you do it through means of a travel agent who will fly you into a heavily touristy area (and keep you with in that very specific area) or go by cruse.

There is no way in hell I would recommend anyone drive into Mexico, especially on a bike and not familiar with there customs. A very large percentage of the police and federalizes are on the cartels payroll (wages over there are stupid low). One of the biggest ways thieves make their money over there is using police vehicles (real cops or not) and pull over out of towners with nice cars, boats, enclosed trailers, and MOTORCYCLES. That is when they rape your wife, rob you, and beat you half to death and leave you there to die. Then you call the cops (if your not dead) and all they do is file a report for you. The risk far out weighs the rewards of seeing the beautiful countryside's of Mexico.

Im a project manager for a construction company and a US shipping company wanted to build a shipping hub just on the Mexican side. They hired me because they wanted a US company who would use some US labor and have insurance. I had to payoff several 'officials' over there and a few dozen cops just to get the permits and not have our site messed with. I drove over there 3 days a week and bought a beat up piece of junk truck to make sure I wasn't 'selected' by the Cartel for there schemes. Its stupid dangerous to be touring Mexico right now and even more so on a motorcycle. I urge you to reconsider your trip and visit by different means of travel. Don't get me wrong, the majority of the Mexican people are very nice and hard working but it is such a poor country that corruption is bad. It is the Cartels and the elected officials/police that are the ones you need to look out for.

Rant off
Cabo is nice but I aint riding there , ensenada is a dump. I would NOT ride in Mexico as much s I love flying there. it is not safe . Unless you are Mexican and speak the langauge
hmmm, first hand knowledge and nay saying.... me thinks a reconsider might be in order, the only reason I wanted to go all the way to Mexico was to play the 3 country 1 ride card, and I've always wanted to go there. maybe I will fly in at a later date someplace safer. thank you folks for your honest opinions, and just for the record the wife and I were planning on learning Spanish.
I used to live in Sierra Vista, Az, about 60 miles from Mexico and we used to party hard in Mexico. One day my crew and I went to party in naco and we had or supervisor with us and he's from TJ. So there we are partying and getting drunk and out of no where my supervisor starts fighting everyone I'm like WTF. We grabbed our supervisor and ran back to America, he told us that they were talking about jumping us and robing us. Another bad story is one day we where leaving the club and my boy didn't finshe his drink and he was going to throw it away outside the club this guy stopped him and said he did not need to throw it away, he could just put it in a cup. Of course he fell for it and the federally arrested him his girl had to pay 200 dollors so he didn't go to Mexican jail. Now let me tell you the good, the strip clubs are off the chain, the food is the best, the stuff is cheap just don't go down any backways and don't by gold. My granny get all her meds from there. What ever you do don't drive a car or a bike. If you want to keep it.
:idea: just because you want to go to Mexico, doesn't mean you have to go very deep into Mexico. a few hundred yards will work. :thumbs:

some day I would like to do Baja. I would most likely do it with a 4x4 group from here in Wyoming.
there is a Iron Horse Chopper run to Copper Canyon that might be fun too.