Givi Panniers Brake And Indicator Lights



Recently I've come across a set for GIVI panniers lights, namely for V35s.

Given the price and the shipping cost I though I will give it a go and do something similar myself.


Things you will need to get:

1. LED Strips (2 brake (red) and 2 amber)
2. 2m cable with minimum of 4 core wires.
3. Waterproof sockets.


I have ordered the following:


Please note that the ones I have ordered are dual-lights, that have brake and amber in one. However for some strange reason when I have connected everything, when the left indicator was blinking the red stop light was also blinking (including the main hayabusa brake light). I have tried to connect it via 3 different ways, each of that gave me the same result. Therefore I have used only one strip as brake light and the other one as indicator (this seemed to work just fine).

The dimension for V35 is: 12cm length / 1.3cm width i 0.8cm depth.




1. First you need take apart the box, simply unscrew all the screws inside on the door panel side (from the inside).


2. Then cut out a place for the LED strips.


3. Then drill a hole for the cables from LED strips (in my case it was 5mm).


4. Insert the LED strips




5. Make sure you isolate the cables properly in case any water will get inside the box.

6. Then cut out space for the LEDs in the reflective backing. You can use a ruler if you want it straight, I haven't used one...



7. Assemble the box back together.


8. You need find the right position for the socket before you drill. I have put the panniers onto the rack and marked a point where the socket should go.


9. Then insert the socket and mark the points for the socket screws.


10. Then put the LED strip cables through the hole (from the inside to the outside) and solder the cables to the socket.


11. Then install the socket.




12. Then prepare the multi-core cable and solder to the cables to the plug.



13. I recommend using a lot of isolation as this plug will be sitting outside of the box.



14. If you haven't paid attention to the colors of the cables when soldering (as I didn't) then you need to check what each cable is for (simply plug it to the box and touch positive and negative terminal on the bike battery (or spare battery if you have one). Then mark what each cable is for.


15. Now you need to connect the marked cables to your bike. I have gained access from the under the rear seat.

I recommend using something similar to:

I have connected the negatives directly to the bike battery and:
1 right indicator cable to the positive indicator cable under the tail.
1 left indicator cable to the positive indicator cable under the tail.
2 brake cables to the positive brake cable (when brake applied)

This is how it looks connected and on the bike.



When I ride without the panniers I put the plugs and the cable underneath the pillion seat so that the cables are not hanging.

This is how it looks when all lights are on. I will try to do a video as some point on how it works but you can get the idea.


Should you need any help or have a question just give me a shout.
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