Give me sticky, or give me death!


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Sick of my Dunslips, burning them off... gotta loose them. What's next? I want THE STICKIEST 'Street' compound tire available. I've enjoyed Pirelli on car and bike before and Ninja Eater likes em, what else is REALLY STICKY for a street tire. I want FAST HEAT UP, even in the cold, and I want it to not spin under full throttling.
I've seen suggestions:
Michelin something HPX

WHat do you guys like??? I know this is done every 4 weeks, but i read all those threads and found nothing. Forget my riding style, I want STICKY! I'll be changing tires with each oil change and that is fine if I aint sliding out. Race tires are out cuz I want something designed for normal, crappy roads, not perfect tracks.

All input appriciated.
I like my Pirelli Diablos. They seem to be quite a bit stickier than the stock tires. I haven't had a chance to hit them hard, as they are new (under 100 miles on them) But even as new, unbroken-in rubber they grip great. They are a rounder profile, which makes them seem to turn in quicker.
I actually like my slipstones, yeah they may push and slide a little but they are predictable and they seem to never "snap" out of shape, they just start pushing.

I dunno if you ride hard I do not think there is a street compound tire out there that isn't going to slip some, especially with the Busa's power and size. Besides, say you get some 208GP's that are super sticky, if they do come loose you are probably beyond the point of happy recovery and have entered the world of Highside... Just a thought...Not talking from any real data point of view.

I used to love the Metzlers on my old Katana, they were predictable...
Get some sticky ass race tires like pilot race or 208gp(don't get the 208gp's, that's just an example).

They work super duper when it's warm, but not when it's cold out or raining. They really stick like crazy glue. They blow street tires away.

Pick up a set of race take offs for real cheap, and see if you like them.
WW... I ran metzler's on my old bike for most of it's life MEZ1/2 and MEZ4's They hold up good, hold the road and run pretty good in the wet as well...

The Dunlops are usually the cheapest if you are a rubber burner, my Gixxer friends cooked'm off in about 2k miles around here. Lots of balled rubber on the edges. Watch out for the crack seal, that's a thread by it's self.