Getting Bald.......


Need help on a tires, Dont know brand to go with while changing the stock tires.
A lot of posts start off with "Just installed the Dunlop 208", "Will keep you posted as to how it works out" but unfortunately no thred or no updated reply to those posts.
Just wondering if anyone here has experience with any different brands or if there is any thread that I should read related to this subject.
Help is always appreciated.....(Maybe I should start a poll)
If the front is still fine you can you can throw a Battlaxx BT012 on the rear. It is the newer version of the stock BT010. I went with this setup since I didn't want to pay for two tires at the time. The rear feels the same, but I am not sure on the mileage since I have only put 500 miles on the tire so far. I will probably go with D208's the next time around or the Metzler M1 or Pirelli Diablo's or ....
I've got a BT012ss on the front, BT010 on the rear. As a comparison, I got 2900 miles out of a Metzler Sportec M-1 and steel chord was showing. I got 4300 out of the stock BT56. At the moment, I have 3800 miles on the BT010 and it's just now starting to square off. I should get another thousand or so and maybe reach 5K. I am enjoying these tires in the curves and they stick pretty well. They seem to give pretty good grip and mileage, a good all-round combo. If you're looking for hard-core track tires, these might not be sticky enough, but for hard street riding and mileage, they seem to be the ticket.
The 208 is a good choice, grip and wear is a little better than stock. I am running Pirelli Diablo on the rear and it seems to be lasting ok but the grip is not as good as stock tire. It spins more under power and slides easier under hard braking. It is just too hard compound for me. Like Pilot sports but they are costly, haven't tried the M1 yet maybe next.
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I'm driving in nordic conditions (except this summer is quite warm. Daily temp. around +25 to +30 celcius).
I recenty have installed BT012ss after M-1:s. I have to say that I prefer to use BT012ss. They are more grippy and more importantly they don't wear so easily. Rear tyre has last 5000km so far and there is some tread still to be seen.  

I had bad experiences with m-1:s. They didn't last and front tyre was so loud in low speeds that it almost made me mad!
 I did complained this to seller but tyre rep. said that it's normal! At least those were last Mezlers that I'm going to use.

Regards from Santa Claus Land.
wow im surprised at all the negative feedback about the m1's ive been pleased with them and a lot of people in the club i hang with run the m1's... i have been pleased with them so far but we shall see how many miles i get out of them.. on the busa i got the m1's on there but am gonna change to a 180 on the back end tho within the next week or 2
I guess some of you don't know of anyone who rides an R6, my brother does and the 208 was crap on that bike, I don't even want to think of what it would be like on a busa.
As for a Diablo, they blow...I took mine off b4 it was even worn down. It took me over 20 miles b4 it warmed up properly and then it was good. The cold roads up here in the spring made that tire almost worthless. Personally, I have a Sportec M1 on there now and I have over 4,000 on my tire and I'm barely getting past halfway worn. I love they way that they grip and they warm up quick. That's the tire that I'm sticking with.
I didn't knock the M-1's, I only said that I got less mileage from them than any other tire I've used. I think they'd make a great track tire or they would be great in the curves because they stick so well. However, with horsepower like the busa, the softer tires like the M-1 get eat up quick. It may be that since I'm a heavier rider that it wears even quicker than it would for some of the lighter guys.
I just installed a M-1 and I must say I am very pleased. Don't know the milage I will get because this is the first time I've used that tire. Feels like it sticks like glue and works well with the OEM I have on the front. Also feels very smooth......I would recommend this tire for now.......
I been reading reviews, studying, installing, checking forums and all I've come up with is they are all good. If you read all the opinions here [like I have] you will hear a COMPLETE varity of all the tires. I haven't noticed everyone all likeing the same "best" or at all. There are many reasons for this. Here are some of them:
-riding style and varity of
-temperatures and seasons
-differing state's road surfaces
-different tires compound: race, sport, touring
Maybe if I did a chart we'd see some kind of generic direction, but it is SOOO iffy depending on how you fit in the above list.
Modern tires are put together very well and should all be great. Obvously, certain designed ones will be slicker or stickier, so pick a STYLE per your riding conditions and wear preference: if you get sticky, it wears quick. if you get long life, it will slip.

I put Dunlop 208s on because, quite frankly there were in stock at my local dealer and I was tired of trying to find the best tire for my bike. I KNOW Dunlop makes a decent tire, and the price was fine, I'm good with that. I look forward to trying those COLORED tires too i f they ever start selling them:

Good luck finding your tire. I think you will make a good choice no matter what it is!
Thanks WWJD,
I think I'm leaning more towards the M 1 I need something as sticky as possible....Looks like more people here use the M1, I dont care at all about the tire long as I dont slip....
ok, I used to like the one-laps as well, but I weigh 200 lbs and I have no problem with tire wear. Like I said I have over 4000 mi on my M-1 and I haven't found a problem yet. I got both the front and the back busa specific tires for $230, so I don't know why you're complaing about price. If you need good tires for cheap try they're cheap fast and I love my tires. Plus make sure to check with local companies to see if they can match prices...that's how I got mine overnight with no charge as well.:D