Genmar risers and MRA Vario Screen Shield - Opinions?


I did a 4 hour ride from West GA up to Nashville stopping only for gas. The area between my shoulder blades at the bottom of my neck got really sore. The only mod I have that should probably help is the Helibars. Now I'm thinking of going with Genmar risers and the MRA Vario screen. I'm about 5'11.

I see two Genmar sizes. One is 3/4" and the other is 1 1/4". I had read of clearance issue (I am guessing with the reservoir?) using risers and Helibars. My question is, are those issues specifically due to a stock screen? Will the touring screens have the same issue? Will both riser sizes causes the issue? How do you modify the shield to accommodate? Is the issue that the reservoir hits the very edge of the shield?

In general, do you guys think the risers and shield "should" help?

Thanks much for your time!
Here are a couple of pictures of mine with "Soupys" 1 inch risers (not the best camera) I hope this will help. These are at full right and left lock.




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