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For those that have been trying to email me and then complaining that I don't respond back then read closely. Because I get so many people that have registered here using bogus yahoo, MSN, hotmail, Juno and the likes I can no longer send email to those domains. If you send me an email from a hotmail account I receive it but I cannot respond to it. To those that are sending me email complaining about everything, STOP !!! If you like it here then stay, if you are upset that I havent responded to your email spend a few bucks and pay for a domain name or get an email account from a reputable company, free is free !! The shirts should be out this week, when I started taking orders for new shirts I made it perfectly clear that there was not going to be a two day turn around, I have kept the board updated on the shirt orders so I dont think anyone has any reason to complain. If you want your money back send me an email from a valid address and I will make sure that I get it to you.

As far as the threats to contact paypal, go ahead maybe they can respond to your email... I have almost had enough of the complainers and this website !!!!!!

Hey Captain a little while (3/30) back a new member posted question about the newest shirt design and asked how long it was going to take for him to get it. Apparently he didn't see your post about them still being made. I told him it would be about another week or two and that they were still in the final stages. He has only posted twice and must have missed that they were still being made. I hope you don't mind that I did that but I was just trying to help. Just a suggestion you might want to pin the shirt post to the top of the page. I have no idea what kind of emails you get but please don't take them to heart.
give me their addresses. I can reply to complainers via Bunker Busters.
CAPTAIN, you still da-man. Everyone has something to complain about. Maybe we should let them run the website for a week. Thanks man, keep up the good work. We appreciate it.
Yeah, do not let a few whiners get to ya! We really appreciate what you do for us all!!! Thanks Captain!!!
Cap. don't sweat it.  You ahve enough things to worry about.  The house will give you stress enough.  Send the complaints to me, i am in a real bad mood lately and i am sure that I will respond with great care and customer service (NOT)

Hang in ther Bro. like you said like it OK don't like it OK see ya bye bye.....
My shirt kicks ass and so does the site. I hope the complainers stop. I would hate to lose this board.
Don't let the complainers get to you Captain....if possible...
Everything is so complicated nowdays...War,bills,family issues,jobs,insurance have provided an awsome site for us to unwind..and have fun..We love our Busa's..your site is the "BEST"...Hang in there Doug..we appreciate you ... "LOTS" do i here a major yea???
Hey Captain, Just to Piggy Back whats been said here, but this place rocks. It's not a pack of squiddies all talking out their rears and the folks are real helpful.
I just got here, would hate to loose the board now that I found a place as cool as this. I am pretty baffled as to what the hell people could be complaining about.
I Really appreciate having this type of forum available, Big thanks to you and the other admins for keeping it up.

Capt. don't let em get to you. I'm willing to bet that if you check the complainers they would turn out to be people with one or two post or part of that group that sits back and never post anything. Perhaps its time to refine the list of active membersbut until then don't let em sweat ya.

You're doing a great job and this is a GREAT SITE!