Gen II Pair Valve Eliminator Plug


Where can I buy one for cheap? I dont mind paying $19.95 for one. I really dont feel like paying 29.99 in shipping. Which in total adds up to $49.39 just for a resistor plug.......:banghead: Can I fabricate my own? I dont want to throw a code. Please help.
Did u check out schnitz racing for it but being that far away for the shipping..someone once said something about just looping a wire to each side to just make a complete circuit out of it but I'm not for sure on that
I did check that website out. That is where I got those prices from. I'll see if completing the circuit is safe and if it is ill go with that.
You can build one yourself for just a few dollars.


Get a five pack of 22 ohm resistors from Radio Shack, Cut the connector off and bridge the two wires with the resistor.


When you are done put some shrink tubing over it and secure it to the harness and you are good to go.