Gen 2 Upper Fairing Removal


The following tutorial was created by Djxtrordinaire. I have it downloaded to my computer but there is no thread on the forum dedicated to Gen 2 Body Cowling removal. I hope Djxtrordinaire will not mind me posting it as a thread or the few changes in the text and photos that I took the liberty to make. For the sake of completeness, I included a couple of photos taken by me and also a few that I borrowed from Blanca BusaLess' fairing tutorial. I also placed Djxtrordinaire's Gauge Cluster removal information at the end of the tutorial to make it clear that gauge cluster removal is a separate procedure from Upper Fairing Removal.

Here is a link to Blanca's fairing tutorial which covers side/lower Fairing Removal. You may also download Djxtrordinaire's Upper Fairing tutorial which is located on post #55 of that thread.

Suzuki Hayabusa Gen 2 Upper Fairing Removal.

This can be used to take off the panels to get to the fuse block, Gauge Cluster, changing bulb, anything behind the upper cowl.

Step 1: Remove these bolts on both sides of the bike. 4mm Hex


2nd Step Remove these plastic pin (both side) by inserting a small flat head screw driver and popping it up.


Step 3: Remove this bolt located center and below the triple Tree.


Step 4: this piece should easily pop out. Notice that there is another push pin hidden?


Step 5: Remove this pin by pushing the center. (Both sides)


Step 6: Small pin on the upper corner of the trim piece. Push in center to remove (Both Sides)


Step 7: Now this is where people panic! The upper trim piece is very tightly fitted. You can either use a flat head screw driver to separate this trim piece with the other plastic piece of the cowl and pull outward. Or just pull one corner of the trim until it pops out and do the other corner.
Gutwrenchingplasticcrackingnoise. It’s ok!


Now take a breather! Need oxygen? Take a look at your hard work!


Step 8: Wow! Another hidden screw! This panel covers the fuse block and main wire harness to the Headlight


Step 9: See the Fuse Block?! Now if you need to remove the Upper Cowl, you will need to remove this screw.


Step 10: There are only three OEM wires that need to be disconnected to remove the Upper Fairing.

Here is the main headlight harness.


The Left Directional Light Harness.


The Right Directional Light Harness.


Step 11: Remove this Bolt too 4mm Hex


Step 12: Remove these to take out the Windscreen.


Step 13: Remove the mirror mounts Yes you have to... its attached to the upper cowl frame.


Step 14: There will be 6 small push pins that needs to be removed. Here are the front two.


Two on the brake lever side. Hidden pin, See Blanca’s Fairing removal!


From Blanca’s Fairing removal! The hidden push pin is labeled, 8.


Another Pin (labeled 5) over on the Clutch lever side.


...and one more (labeled 6) back near the top corner of the radiator, clutch lever side of the bike.


Step 15: This holds the headlight/upper cowl in place. Pressure fitted.

Stand in front of the bike facing towards the rear of the bike.

You must first release the upper cowl from the mirror mounts by pulling outward over the mounts, then pulling the entire cowl towards you. Check and make sure there are no wiring caught.


Step 16: (optional) Taking out the Gauge Cluster. Two bolts, 8mm, on both sides. Be careful pulling the gauge out. Behind this bolt there is a washer.


Now you can see what is behind the gauge cluster.


Hope I covered it all

If not let me know

Djxtrodinaire September 2010​

I have only removed the Body Cowling three times and each time I did, the side fairings had been previously removed.

Seems to me that it could be very difficult to remove the Body Cowling with the sides still on. usually requires some fussing to get that back corner of the upper fairing free when I remove the side fairing. Does anyone remove the upper fairing with the sides still on as shown in this tutorial?
Cool. Thanks, Big E. I PMed Djxtrordinaire to ask about this but I did not hear back from him. Please thank him for me. His tutorial has been a great deal of help to me and I'm sure it will reach even more people now that it has it's own thread.
Am in the middle of it right now,what a PITA(I'd thought the headlight assembly,ram air covers,etc. stayed on the bike and just the cowling popped off but nope,you have to swap that stuff over to the new cowling:crazy:).