Gen 2 2011 sand car electrical


I installed a 2011 gen 2 in a sand car and I am having problems with the wiring. This is an E03 wiring and the ECU is a 32920-15H10. After a lot of searching, I found out that by using a 100 ohm between the power wire and the green/black ECU feed, I could finally start the engine. The engine ran for about 5 minutes, then something popped and a bit of smoke came out of the ECU. The engine died and on further inspection there was a small crack on the right side of the ECU. Now the engine will not start and the gauge cluster shows "CHECK". The kickstand switch is taped in the up position, so this should not be showing. At the time that the engine was running, I had the black/yellow clutch wire grounded?? I have purchased a new ECU, but I do not want to fry it. Any help will be appreciated.