Gen 1 stock hp what

My 06 with full yosh, bmc race and tune put down 158. Stock was 149. This was on a dump known to not be friendly #s wise.
To get good numbers you need exhaust,pc5, ecu done,bmc air filter if your in the tri-state you go to POWERHOUSE,Frank site spon.
138 to 142

Dyno jet horse power 160+

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I have on my dyno seen 147 to 164hp, bikes 100% stock like they rolled out the showroom untouched.
It's difficult to give you an exact hp number because different dynos are calibrated differently. Additionally, time of day, air density, air temps, etc, all play a role. Finally, different types of dynos will result in different numbers. Dynojet are well known for producing higher numbers than a Mustang dyno.

This is my dyno... 2005, PC3, full akr ti race exhaust. Tuned. Sea level.
Back in 2000 I dynoed 4 Busas on the same day. Horsepower ranged from 152 to 162. All bikes had 93 octane pump gas and the same weight oil. The only differences were the break in method and cam timing
When I bought my '03 new we threw it on a 250i(after 500 miles)and it made 150 stock.A few hours later after an HMF full exhaust,PC,etc. it made 161.
I think the '05 does make a difference because I'm thinking the 99 and 00 had a little better performance. I was gonna say around 155 bone stock from what I've read here. From wiki 151.5–162.6 bhp