Gen 1 Busa Ignition issue

Tajh Barber


I have a gen 1 2007 busa key broke inside of the ignition, I followed a different thread of swapping the stock ignition with a toggle switch, even with the 100 ohm resistor put into place of the wiring. Still no power

I said screw it and called it locksmith to remove and remake a key. Now the key turns in the ignition but no power. No gauge lights, fuel pump does not turn on.
Battery is good
Main 30 amp fuse is good

Any ideas or wiring for the kill switch ignition delete or rewriting the stock ignition ?
eventually ur locksmith broke something inside the lock.
so get a preowned complete SET ! of locks with 2 keys - best from ´03-´07 - the older ones (´99-´02) often tend to be fidgety and don't want then to work easily.
- ignition
- tank cap
- rear set lock
and change all through
then u have again one key for all locks and not 2 if u change only the ign.-lock

no probs with the rest of the bike - the gen1 has no immobilizer or so - u can buy every gen1-set - they all fit (across the gen1´s).