Gear Questions and Answers


1. I purchased the Zero Gravity Sport Touring Windshield and tried it out today. For any of you who want to know, AND might be planning a long trip, it is fantastic! I am 6' even and it channels the wind just about over my head. Really took the turbulance off of the body on the open highway at 90 mph. It turns the Busa into a kinder gentler long distance machine and you can always put your original or a double bubble back on.

2. I have a question: Do tank bags (magnetic) scratch up your tanks? What do you do to keep them from doing so?

3. Same question relative to saddle bags. How do you keep them from scratching up your plastic? Ideas for tying them on?
I sent an email to you, but Im sure there are a few others that would like to hear a price and where you got it, and a pic