Gas Prices Where You Are


2.79 by my house (PA), 2.55 when I drive 7 miles to work (DE). I also then use the shell fuel rewards thing to get 5c off a gallon.

chase has those rotating categories so I get 5% off during that time. When its drug store 5% I buy gift cards to the gas station so at least half the year if not more I'm always getting 5% off.
Over here in Ireland petrol (Gasoline) is 1euro 45 cents per litre do the maths been screwed here with tax for years and the p***ks are talking about putting a carbon tax on the petrol and diesel In 06 it would cost me to fill a busa 10 euros now it's 20 euros All politicians are c**k suckin W*****S


$1.619 per litre for regular here... or $6.09US/gallon.

And it's likely to double if Alberta holds true on their promise to shut the taps on us here in British Columbia... :confused:
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