G Box performance module

This is the first I have seen of it, keep us posted if you win the auction and let us know if it works. I would be really curious to see if it does.
Hmmmm i did a search on the next and could finding nothing on the G-Box performance chip. And the seller only accepts money orders or checks, which means you are gonna be out of luck if its not what you want. But hey we appreciate your courage.... Be sure to give it some feedback on teh board once you get it..

5-10 hp increase for a chip, possible you see it on cars all the time. So it would assume its quite possible to have on on a bike. I be waiting to see how it performs
I will be the guinea pig. I will probably buy it regardless, it sounds like they have a bunch of them
heck yeah let us know im always into a couple extra hp.

"a little more is always a little better"
Hey guys i bought one of those last year. I installed it on my 02 rode aroung the block and took it right back off. It's just an over priced tre. I built my own switchable for about ten bucks. Wouldn't ride without it. All that g-box does is altr the map in some of the gears. I am useing a resitor that sets all gears to the 5th gear map.
you notice the most increase down low. and top end. It overrides the top end limiter. Just my 02