Proboost Platinum Performance Chip


I saw an ad on Ebay for a Proboost Platinum Performance Chip/Module. It claims to give a 35 to 45 HP gain. Has anyone heard of this and if so, does it work? The ad does not explain the details of how it works. It appears to be some sort of chip in a box.

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If it sounds too good to be true - it is. If it really gave an HP increase, you would be hearing about it in a lot more places than ebay!
Good one brendanp, lol
. I figured I would have seen more one this in the more popular bike magazines. I noticed a couple more modules, claiming 9-15 HP boost. Was thinking that it might be like the Super Chips for automobiles.
Did you guys check out "what's in the box?". This definetly looks like a scam, I use SuperChip for programming my car computer and have used a Jet Performance Chip, I doubt that all they have inside is a eprom. The Jet Chip changes your ECM for timing and A/F mixtures, SuperChip allows you re-program the computer to change speedo (for tire size), TCM and ECM for shifting points, timing, speed limiter, etc. For $15 what do you expect to get?
I have emailed them and asked how it connected to the motorcycle. I did not get a response. Not that I would ever buy one. I just wanted to see what they say.

its a piece of garbage in a nice plastic case that won't do squat to aid in performance. If you feel you HAVE to spend the money ... send it to me