Funny thing happened on the.......

Kevin in Va.

Man, what a day to ride! Took the day off and had a Blast.
While cruising through town, came up to a redlight and when it turned green and I was pulling out, I caught my shoe string on the little weight on the peg , Im sure it looked like I was trying to kickstart the damned thing rolling down the road

Then at the next light a Mustang decides to outrun me.. That was fun !

Kevin in Va.
Atleast your laces didn't hung up keeping you from putting your foot down at the light.
Glad the shoestring didn't mess ya up, I sure would hate to get one in the chain. If ya don't like to be passed, you probably bought the right bike. " hardleys are even more fun than mustangs"

The weather was great today up here in Stafford. Rode for about three hours. Great to get back on the Busa. Take care!
Sheez..ah yes..shoestrings...close calls on my Busa...Just hate that..but always seem to forget to check them before a ride..should have some kind of preflight checklist before getting on the old psi, oil level,chain slack,brake light check..and shoelaces....haha..but serious..