Front end Knock?


Quite a few Busa owners used to complain about a mysterious knocking from the front end while riding slow, was any solution ever found?
When I first bought my Busa I thought I was hearing a knocking from the front end while going slow. It finally dawned on me that the front tire was picking up small pebbles and they were hitting that monsterous front fender and making the knocking sound.
My first 2000 model suffered from a mysterious knock when braking and when riding over bumpy ground.
Eventually I tracked it down to the Engine mounting bolts not being tight enough.I slackened them off then retorqued them up and the knock disappeared and never returned.
Mystery solved.
i too had that mysterious front end knock-

it was definitely something.

I took it to the dealer- they checked the bike out, changed brake pads and some brake components and some other things and I have not had that problem
my 'oo clunks over speed bumps sometimes, apparantly its the steering dampner , no worries .
Hey I just aquired this knock. I haven't been able to find out what it is but I can only hear it when I go over bumps slow. It sounds like a real hollow sound. It's driving me crazy that and my vibratino noise from my wind screen. I just installed frame sliders so I will start at retorqing my engine bolts. Thanks for the tip
If its the steering dampner can it be tightened because it didnt used to make this noise before. It only started a couple weeks ago. I retorked my sliders when I got home yestarday and its making the same sound. Its still under warrenty so let me know if its fixable or if I have to live this thanks