Front Brake Problem

Dan Gixxer

2005 Busa, right front caliper draging, warpped rotor. I rebuilt both calipers and replaced both front rotors with new ones. Right caliper still draging, overheating rotor. Hyd. system seems to be working fine. Any ideas? Bent fork? Bent caliper mount? :banghead:I can try a new caliper but I hate to keep throwing money at it. Can gen II front brakes be installed on my old Busa?
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My 05 did the same thing on the left side. Warped so bad half the rivets came loose. I replaced the rotor with an EBC X and cleaned the caliper pistons. A small amount of drag but not over heating. Wish i had a better answer for you, but i feel your pain.
are you still running original brake hoses ? if so it could be the hose to that caliper at fault , they can collapse inside and act as a one way valve