Front brake pad noise


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i have an gen 1 -03 the brake pads rattle in the caliper when i hit a bump i just replaced the pads and lines before i went to arkansas for mng when i took them i noticed it doen't have the shim in it that shouls have been in there. but the brakes work great hardly have much pull on the lever before the start to grab. i usaually pretty good with brakes systems on bike. but kinda scratching my head on this one any ideas
Are the shims the only thing missing? Is the clip there?
if your talking bout the silver cover or even the little clip taht holds the pin in yes they are both there
Mine does the same thing, but it is my rotors I think. They are made to float on those round pieces and have I beleive a spring like metal that holds them semi tight. Well after considerable miles mine are a bit loose so everytime I hit a bump it is an awful rattle. Also one side must be more loose than the other. I have no feeling of being warped when I stop or apply brake pressure, but with the brakes off at low speed you can her the loose side going through the pads and it sounds bad.
Your rotors should not have any play in them. I would take a look at the service manual and make sure everything is present in your caliper assembly. Gen 2s have a brake pad spring that pushes down on the top of the pads along with a shim that goes on the back of each pad. I think gen 1s are the same. I would look for that brake pad spring and make sure it's not missing. Either way check the manual and make sure all the parts are there and assembled correctly.
If they are EBC the pads are a little smaller and wiggle a little causing the rattle!
ya they are ebc hh pads the last set didnt really make noise until they were almost gone other than the slight draging noise they make which after reading in here is normal