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Some of you may already know about this but Perelli is doing a free tire promo on their Diablo Corsa III. Basically buy a rear tire (180 or 190 only) and get a free front tire ( only pay shipping) Not a bad deal. I plan on checking out my local dealer on Monday to pick up a rear for when I need it. Below is the website. There is a limited stock.
Yeah I thought it was a good deal too. I just looked at my rear and I could probably get through my season up here with it but I definitely need a new one before next season.


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what in the HECK is a Corsa III? ? ?

wait a minute... didn't I say that line on the otherside of the record? Where am I? I'd better check!

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Ordered. Rear sent and the front tire should be here by the end of the week. Took a total of 2 weeks.


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hey folks...i can tell you this from experience...(as this isn't the first time pirelli has made this sorta offer)...and they did the same deal about 2 years back....and here's what happened....

The first 30-50% of folks who ordered'em up?....made out their new skins in a couple weeks....but those who hesitated but then still ordered? they recieved their rear but then the "Limited Supplies" of front tires ran out...and i don't recall the exact details...except for a few hundred posts biotching about "pirelli's tire deal"...but...for well over 1/2 of those who ordered?...they didn't get the deal they originally signed up for....and the biotching went on for months before it was finally all 1/2 azz resolved.

so?...word to the wise...either "JUMP QUICK" or?...don't "jump" at all.

L8R, Bill.

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