Tire finally popped...


The story: When my tires started getting bald, I ordered a set of Pirelli Diablo Corsa III's. Well, it's been a while, and I've worn my rear tire to the point of immediate air loss (read: big #%$&ing hole)

Status on the order: Awaiting fulfillment

someone lend me a back wheel


Not really sure why ANYONE would let a tire on their motorcycle get to the degree of being bald.  Obviously it's not safe, and futhermore, it's not like it's a huge expenses to replace, expecially with your life is riding on it !!



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Haelo, try not to feel like we are flaming you...but many of us have had the missfortune to have a tire give out on us at speed. For most of us that was early on in our riding career.

We won't do it again. It is not an enjoyable experience.

What everyone here is trying to convey is..order your tires when you get close to the wear bars...and if they don't show up pretty soon....

either realize that you have very little rubber under you, and ride accordingly or park the sucker.

In any event, riding a bike like a Busa with a bald tire makes you look like an organ donor.

Just my .02.


That's what I'm trying to convey. I ordered tires way before I needed them.

If I park the 'busa, I can't get to work... which is the problem right now :/


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(Haelo @ Sep. 10 2006,16:38) That's what I'm trying to convey. I ordered tires way before I needed them.

If I park the 'busa, I can't get to work... which is the problem right now :/
Where did you order from? I'd most definately be calling them first thing in the morning if its been longer than say 2 weeks...


Ron Ayers.

After their normal 3-4 days to fill the order (which I accounted for, I had plenty of tire left), they sent me an e-mail saying the tires would be backordered until the ninth (yesterday). So they should be shipping soon... but how long until they actually arrive? Probably another five days... IF Ron Ayers mails them tomorrow.

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Sorry to hear you are having trouble getting your tires that you already paid for.

I would call them up and demand a refund of the shipping cost. I bet they will do it if you raise enough stink. Better to refund that than to lose the sale altogether.

And, be smart, DO NOT ride that beast when it is not safe to. Find another way to work (carpool, taxi, friend, etc...). Being in an extended hospital stay has a way of making your life very difficult!

Stay safe, Bro and good luck on getting your tires.


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i ran a tire once down and popped it...not a good feeling but it was a rear tire...and it held the form well so i just pulled over and caught a ride in a pickup...but that was 10 years ago


Not really that dangerous of a ride to work, 3.9 miles at the speed of stoplights.

When I get back from my week in California I'm going to have a huge stack of stuff I ordered sitting at work XD

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