Forum Weirdness

SoCal Blur

All of a sudden, the menu items on this forum are jumbled up. When I click on What's New, I get my PMs. When I click on Gallery, I get the Calendar. No matter what I do I can't get the menu items in white: What's New, Gallery, Media, Arcade, Sponsors. I'm using FireFox.

It's not just you. There's some work going on behind the scenes.
We think we will have something on this today, sorry for the hassles folks...
This is weird.... has #1busa up top but when I click on my profile it says 01busa and I have zero posts and no likes given or received. Then it says I'm not a registered user?? Here I thought gremlins only existed in the electrical wires of busas :whistles:
Logged out and then logged back in and it said welcome #1busa...... but then when I clicked on my profile it goes to 01busa with zero posts etc. etc. so if anybody sent me a message I'm unable to receive or check my inbox sorry :banghead:
Seems to be mostly limited to IE; runs for me in FF or others in Google Chrome...
Everything is still posting from the right side and sometimes I can get to NEW POSTS and sometimes it says no results
No more arcade?

We are very cautiously building the site back... We still aren't 100% sure what conflict caused the site to have issues, the arcade should be back if we dont find any conflicts.