Foot peg posts...

Daddy Fatsac

I was wondering where can I buy some foot peg post thingys... Being I'm switching to a single sided exhaust I don't want the peg post with the exhaust bolt holder. Any info on this matter would be greatly appreciated.
You could grind off the bolt hole and smooth it down. Several people should have pics of the results.
Yeah I don't have access to machinery like that. Probably mess around a carve off the whole #### thing. I'm not one that has patience to do things like that at all. I do need an aftermarket setup.
I haven't seen any aftermarket replacements for those. Except for a hanger that replaces the whole assembly, but then you loose the passenger foot rests.

This might sound a little odd, but it might be possible to fit frame sliders there. A good spacer, washer, and nut might be all it would take to fit a set of frame or swing arm sliders.

I've been messing around with mine, looking for ways to add some protection. And I think that a set there, in the front locations, and buttons on the swingarm would do a lot. I need to take some more measurments, but I think that with protectors in those locations the bike might lay on its side and only touch the ground on the frame sliders, handlebars, and foot pegs.
Yeah I don't have access to machinery like that.  Probably mess around a carve off the whole #### thing.  I'm not one that has patience to do things like that at all.  I do need an aftermarket setup.
Take it to a local machine shop and they can probably do it for you all nice and neat for about $20-30. A lot cheaper than buying new brackets and you can probably get it done the same day.
I'm afraid of the frame slider sounds good in theory...but once all that pressure is applied to that specific area its usually toast ie the frame. I've seen it recently...a friend of mines bike went down the bike as a hole was seriously screwed...but the ONLY place on the frame that was damaged was where the frame slider was. And it was bent very bad...

So that is why I won't be using frame sliders. But back to the topic at hand...hhehehe

I'm still looking for that aftermarket set. And I'm sure if one of you metal guys can come up with a set ya'll make some decent money! Another thing is dezzy7 I live in Japan and there is a big language barrier. 1. I don't know where a metal place around here is. 2. With me trying to explain what I want done might get some totally different in the end like the entire post shaved off. LoL

Thanks for the help so far! Very good ideas if I lived in the states.
Daddy Fatsac >>>>>>>>>>>Buy a dremel tool set and "cut" the hanger portion off just below the footpeg then use the grinding wheel that come with it to smootn it out or just hand sand it to a nice finish. The dremel is a very versital tool for a do it yourself'r and has all kind of attachments such as buffing wheelz "cut off wheelz",grinding wheelz and so on.
Take your time it will come out okay. It looks nice when you are done check it out.

While we are on the subject of "those thingies", I saw a guy who drilled holes down his and inserted LEDs in them both. Then, he connected them to the turn signal wiring. Pretty cool idea! Dunno how much it weakens them though.

BTW - I think I will dremel mine off sometime soon.
Yeah I saw that too. I think it was on a 1000gsx. I love seeing original creation.