Foot Pegs Scraped-Lowered


I've owned my busa for a little over a month and have gotten more comfortable cornering it. In the past I've owned a cbr1000, sv1000, and a cbr 600, various dirt bikes growing up. I love to go fast but also like to corner.

This afternoon I went around a right turn fast and low and felt and heard my foot peg start to scrape on the ground and felt the pressure on my foot.

My bike is lowered about 1.25 inches maybe 1.5, I'm glad the exhaust didn't scrape, but the problem is I felt like I could have gone faster and lower. I think my only choice is to raise it back up to stock height if I'm going to keep cornering, or would I get more room to corner by switching to an aftermarket set of pegs??? I'm 6'5 so I need all the leg room I can get and don't want a high set of pegs, I am running the monster sized factory ones.

Lastly I really like the look of it being lowered and haven't had any problems at all even with a passenger so I really want to keep the height.

I'm almost considering like a second bike for the cornering and this being my bullet/custom project.

Any ideas?:2cents:
Pretty much summed it up. If you like the lowered look then you have to sacrifice handling. If you really into corner then go +1 rear. Maybe adjustable links so can alter to your needs at the time with minimal work?
changing rear sets really doesn't help... trust me it becomes more expensive when you eat the plastics.... I had to replace my right side faring because I first change the rear sets and mery go round I got that feeling of something is not right after a few nice right handers.. stop at the next seven 7-11 and yup ther part of the fairing that covers the right engine case was ground off... I recommend raise it back in the rear or get another bike to bang turns...:cheerleader::cheerleader:
Raise it up. I have Vortex rearsets too, all the way up & all the way back for maximum clearance.
i have vortex rear sets,Im 6"3" and slammed,no problems here but im not trying to lean her around 90 at speed either:whistle:

side shot.jpg
My bike has stock rearsets and is lowered 1.5" and let me tell you it will scrape the lower section of both fairing sides in moderate cornering. My custom paint can tell the story!!

182kb Busa.jpg
This is why I say not to lower your bike. You wanna drag? Lower it. You wanna drag a knee? Keep it stock!:whistle:
yup expensive lessons here ... and dont get me started on the cool spikes on the front bottom screws ... them thing don't like lowered bikes either.... I really get no love from my busa... she is esxpensive and at this point even my wife wonders if an actual misstess would be cheaper than her.... I will examine that venue later in life ... i can't afford one whit a busa in the garage.:thumbsup:
I like the look of a lowered Busa. But I don't see the point if you are not draggin or just cruising the main strip. So I still have mine at stock.
I like the look of a lowered Busa. But I don't see the point if you are not draggin or just cruising the main strip. So I still have mine at stock.

I too like the looks and stretch or on, but pretty useless for me. Straight line sux!
I too like corners, and did some serious scraping on my 02 Busa. I lowered and stretched my 06, so no serious cornering. I now have an 07, stock height that will be lowered and stretched 4" outback. I do however have a GSXR750, which I take out to the track and get my corner jones on there. I recommend getting another bike if you like the look of your lowered Busa and still want to hit some corners.
I lowered mine thinking it would look cool and it did.

I just did a group ride to Galena, IL. Now I think I'm gonna raise it back up and do an +1 in the rear.

I'm done with the posing-it's time to ride.