Yoshi high exit ???


I am buying the yoshi TRC full exhaust.  I want the high exit but have been told by some that you have to remove the passenger foot peg to make it fit.  I have a shop in town that says he has made it fit with the foot pegs.  If i go with the low mount i will be safe but i really want the high exit.  My wife loves to ride with me so removing the passenger pegs is not an option.
 Any input is appreciated. Pics of a high exit yoshi would be even better.


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I had the high exit on mine, you not only have to remove the right passenger peg, you have to remove the right rear turn signal as well. Looks great but hmmm, yeah, no fugging clue how they would "make it work" with the stock pegs back there. The piece that comes with the high exit has no real capability to mount a peg to it either and its a good bit higher up (3-4") so it would be pretty uncomfy for the passenger for any length of time.

I just bought the "normal" mid pipe and now have both so if I ever want to go to the high exit look, I can swap it around probably in 30mins
I might actually roll that way up to the Bash in April
oh yeah, the mid pipe is like $140, so if its in the budget, you can have both... but if you ride 2 up often at all, get the "normal" one or look at something like the HMF system (it retains all pegs)