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Thought this might help the masses as knowledge is power. As most everyone knows on this site I have a Bel LP-904 laser jammer mounted to my bike. In addition to this I use a stem-stand mounted cordless detector for added protection. Funny thing happened the other day while traveling down 21st in Wichita, Ks...... My radar detector started screaming a lasar alert! But, nothing was coming from the Bel Lasar jammer. Strange I thought! What I finally realized was that due to the proximity of the lasar gun (I.E. very close!) the beam was so narrow that only the higher placed radar detector could see the beam from the point it struck the bike. I've since placed another probe near the windscreen on the bike to eliminate this problem in the future. But, don't think for a second that just because you have the latest, greatest your good to go. No matter what your using to detect a lasar "Placement is the most important thing you can do to give you that mili second of time to react." In this instance it wasn't a problem as I was doing the speed limit...........
LOL, I thought this post was going to be some kind of slam on me. Really, I did.

as knowledge is power[/QUOTE]

Knowledge is just knowledge. Applied knowledge is potential power. :p

Sorry, just had to clarify. Carry on. :laugh: