Food for thought

Visited my tuner with my 16,500 mile NO MOD, BONE STOCK B-King yesterday.
93 Conoco pump gas
40 psi in rear tire (Q2)
Original air filter/spark plugs
Fresh oil change w/Suzuki 10w40 conventional oil
New chain/sprockets Stock gearing
Pouring rain and 75* @ 35 ft above sea level

Combined ignition maps and tuned for 13:1 AFR with ECUEditor
Gained 6.2% (10.13) HP and 4.1% (4.15) lbs/ft TQ over factory settings.
Bike has stupid crisp throttle response and engine is much smoother.
I don't know of any parts you can throw at this bike that cost $400 and gain this same percentages.

Can't wait till Saturday night to try out my gains at the drag strip!!!
...a tenth or two will be welcomed

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