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first flat tire i've ever experienced on a bike...stopped for some fuel...took off on the highway...r1...gixxer 600 & me...THANK GOD my friend with the r1 was behind me:laugh:..gave the 600 sum space..the bike just felt like it was going crazy...totally uncontrollable...had to slow down the entire highway to get to the shoulder...& then i realised i had a flat rear tire..it was so bad i thought it was the front!! got a plug in it after calling a million ppl for help & a battery connect pump to put back in some air...hope it holds
I would swap it out as fast as you can afford... On my truck I could live with a plug but not on my bike JMO though
My first flat was on my Kawasaki Eliminator. It was the back tire and I made it about two miles out of town headed home (30 miles). I had my girl on the back and sat on the side of the road for about 20 minutes. I didn't have a cell at the time????? Her cousin thankfully came along and gave me a can of fix-a-flat. Whitch for the record does nothing. My girl road with her cousin and I headed home. I rode around 30 miles on a flat tire. As long as you're moving the tire stays up. When I hit the bypass for my exit, as soon as I slowed down my tire went totally flat. I had no control. Luckily My cousin drove by, seen me, went and got his trailer and hauled me home. Funny thing was. Some one a sportsbike was rubbernecking on the exit and ended up locking his brakes and hitting the gardrail. Thankfully he picked up his bike and rode off.
The second time I had a flat on the back of my 89 Kawasaki 750. Pulled into a gas station to get gas and discovered it. Thankfully an old farmer had a plug kit. The tire was a week old so I ran it for another year. I would definetly not do it on the Busa. I've never had a flat on the front and don't want one.
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Glad you were okay. Like to be prepared. :thumbsup:
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