Flashers not working....


Dis in my way!
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So after all of the changes I made I got the bike all back together and now the flashers don't work. The tail lights and all the other mods work fine though.. I haven't ridden a lot lately so I can't tell you if the signals worked before.. Any way to check and see if its the factory flasher?

Isnt there a fuse just for the turn signals?

I have the aftermarket EP35 flasher so it is easy to test mine. I do not know of a test for the stock one. :down:
Doug we can sort it out some evening this week!
Yeah John I would really like to have signals on my way out there since I am riding...
We put a device called a signal minder on the bike and that overrides the factory flash pattern... It won't work right with the hazards engaged... I accidentally hit the hazard button when I was installing the cruise control panel... One little switch....