First time at the track.


Okay, gathered with quite a few OLD and experienced draggers. Had some local Busas ride in with me, Thinker, Havoc, later joined by FredE, and another guy yet to be named.

Virgin me, nervous wreck, new tire, even my mentor - the dude that got me into the Busa a year ago was there.

First run, ET = 10.186  !!!!!  

Now the nerves REALLY kick in. Launch so hard the next few runs, spin the hell outta her in 3 gears, kept in mid 10's.

First, no problem, even hit the brakes and sat up for the end of that one.
Second, spun the tire, walked sideways for quite a while, then smoked the R1. He told me later he thought he beat my ass, but then saw a blur go by.  

Third, very close, but I won.
Now, me and another Busa.... built, streched, guy has been racing her for 2 years. I won the ET, but lost the R/T, lost altogether.

Did you expect me to get past 3 rounds of eliminations? no.
All-in-all, I beat my expectations. WOW! When I get my extra wheel, gonna put a racing tire on her. I just could NOT get enough traction there. Spinnin the tire through 3rd gear. Not good for me. Even tho still met my time, just not gonna cut it.


Photo of me in the far lane... lost in the 4th round to this busa... Buster... experienced track rider from seattle... big bore, stretched, low 9's.

sounds cool Cache-ious. I'm goin for my first trip (barring crap weather) this tuesday, or thursday... I'll be ecstatic if I hit mid 10.5's my first time out especially being 90% stock.

nice pic.. I'd frame that if I were you dude.
look at the difference in .....

few goodie mods here and there.
pipe, pc3r, good rear tire, slammed, shifter,
most of that not on the bike for my first visit to the track.
no...he got beat by the fastest color :D why were you spinning so must have had to much air pressure...i only weigh 150 and i havent had any problem on my stock tire with 18-20 psi as long as i do a good burnout
thanks 396.

smok, I later found that my rear tire went through too many heat cycles.
I noticed in your signature, you put on the swingarm extentions... how do they work for ya?