First Day In The Books

Jake whitebird

Well the event only had 8 bikes test n tubing, 6 were in the final drags. Started out roll racing, cars n bikes roll down starting lanes at whatever speed, then punch it at the tree, it was pretty sick. Ran 8.7 at 132 ha. 17/45 setup. Then there was so many cars I didn't get time to practice launching, so I botched it. But still went 11.5. Made some friends, had an awesome time. Couple racers mentioned I should try 17/48 setup?? I think I need more power. Got beat by a 05 zx10r, rider and bike together was 540lbs, busa and i was 745 lol
Zx10s and gsxr1ks that are set up grudge are tough to beat. But 17/48 sounds too much. What's been done for the clutch?
If his suspension is set up, yeah, not a whole lot you can do. Those guys are all front half though. The busa torque is what pulls. How long is your stretch? Those liter bikes with the +18 swing arms that CAN hook up launch like an F-16. That's where they make the gap, off the line.
Hey, I see now you have a gen II and are at +9 which is the farthest I would go. A 40 shot is safe when set up by someone who knows how to tune, ive seen spark plugs from guys with 40 shot gen IIs that look like picture perfect after 80 passes. That's the typical Orlando busa recipe. Gen II with a 40 shot (actually prolly 80 on prog controller which I think the gen II has built in ecu).
After hearing many go 9.8 stock, I'm gonna tune it and get some seat time. Here are my iridium plugs I could've changed first!!
Those are worn but i have seen worse..Maybe a touch rich?
I run a 40 shot on a stock Gen-2 with 93 pump gas. Without nitrous 87 octane is fine. CR9E plugs are the common replacement for stock plugs.