First Attempt


Been playing with the digital camera and thought I'd give this a try. I apologize in advance if this doesn't work.

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Well atleast it's half Blue. It would be even better if the other half was Silver.
Nice picture.
Hey Brah...Either you don't know what your doing or the camera you got is broke...That bike should be silver...Quit playing...
<span style='color:blue'></span>The Black and blue colour scheme was created to remind all other bike riders what colour they will end up if they dare tangle with a Busa!
look's good... ( I didn't really like the black and blue at first but it's starting to look good to me every time I see one&#33
Stop messing with the colours Dude, put your bike back to silver and put the grass back to green again. It's looks very strange like that.........
I'll tell my neighbor that you guys like his house. I don't have one of mine yet. I still don't have a yard, too cold to plant grass yet.
you know i'm really starting to like those black leathers ... maybe black and a reflective gun metal or silver