First 33 miles tonight.


Here's how it went...

I arrived at the dealer's about 20 minutes before they closed for the evening.  I gave them the balance of the payment, and they were doing some final things to the bike.  We pulled the bike around to the front of the shop and he went through all the startup and whatnot.  Then I left to go home and get a helmet, and have a friend drive me back to the dealer's.

We returned, and the place was pretty much locked up, and I put the key in and started it, and just tootled around their large parking lot for several minutes.  Getting a feel for the brakes, turning, the weight, controls, etc.  Then onto some back streets around the dealers, where there was no traffic.  Eventually after about 1/2 hour, I got on the public roads and took it home.  Everything is great.

I gave it just a little juice occasionally and.... oh my word, I can only imagine what lies beyond 4,000 rpm! I don't think I'll be going there for some time, Lol.  It rides really smooth.  I found my first false-neutral (5th to 6th) at about mile 16 on the odomoter.

Me and my buddy rode to the park and through it, and all was well.  My eyes are blurry from wind and a few bugs, but the evening has been a total success.  

Just wanted to share the first 33 miles with you all.  


The Watcher

Sounds like your dream has become reality. Just take a little at a time.


Welcome to the they said..learn the bike..brakes,handling,POWER, be safe have fun..let us know how you feel after awhile..i have put 2,500 on mine...still takin' it easy sept here and there......seen 10,200 revs in fifth..don't know how fast it was..felt fast though..yea it was fast..
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