First 2-Up Ride on the 'Busa


My wife loved the ride, was scared by my driving. I admit, there was one (actually legal) pass there that was a little tight, but the laws of physics were on my side today

Basically, the extra weight felt (a) better than the K-RS with the stock spring/shocks and (b) worse than the K-RS with the nice, stiff spring and Ohlins. The handling was not radically affected, however. Since the manual indicates clearly that the preload shouldn't need adjustment 2-up with average-sized riders (yup, go figure) I didn’t bother (a pain to reach, anyway), but I think I will next time -- Lucy and I don't fit into the "average" weight range.

...For humans or gorillas...

As for performance, everything had to be done with at 1k RPM more, and I had to definitely keep in a lower gear in places like the curves of Springfield and Beaver Dam roads. Acceleration was still very good, but I had this sickening feeling that the front wheel was going to come up here and there, although it never did. Even so, I kept my weight as far forward as I could.

The pillion on the 'Busa is two or three inches higher than the pilot seat (higher than stock with the Corbins), and this is very helpful because Lucy's helmet was almost always above mine instead of forcing her to crane her neck to one side or the other, as she had to on the lower K-RS pillion. She also preferred the, um, "vibe" of the Suzuki transverse I4 -- another reason I kept it in a lower gear most of the time

Otherwise, she though the Corbin seat was more supportive than the Sargent on the K-RS -- less unwanted pressure in key nether region areas. I have experienced the same thing. Even though there is a backrest, Lucy kept thinking she was going to slide off when I was accelerating (maybe a little less juice next time, eh?), so she had a habit of leaning on me, which got on my nerves.

This was still a little easier than before because she is higher up now and not pulling down as much if she moves her hands to my shoulders.
mc, what do you mean she felt like she was going to slide off when acelerating, she doesnt like or use the backrest ? im asking cause i ordered mine 2 weeks ago and could use an evaluation.
I bought a used corbin backrest on ebay and used it till my wife developed a sense of security on the bike, but after2 or 3 rides she realized that she didn't need it so i sold it. For the most part I think backrest on a busa are like training wheels on a bike. Once a person gets use to riding it has no use.... Unless you gonna go two-up for long distance riding, then it would probably serve as a great back rest for both the passenger and the driver if you know what i mean.
mc, what do you mean she felt like she was going to slide off when acelerating, she doesnt like  or use the backrest ? im asking cause i ordered mine 2 weeks ago and could use an evaluation.
Good question. Actually, she liked it just fine. I asked her about it again, and it seemed that she just thought it best to lean forward and against me because I was leaning forward in spots, not so much because she felt she had to.

This really wasn't an issue at speed, but when I was heading back to the barn in our neighborhood and at the gas station it was kind of a pain because I had to keep her weight off of my wrists, in addition to my own.

No big deal, though, we'll get it straight next time! She says she loved the ride -- found it "very invigorating."
My wife and i ride two up often. I have a givi top case with backrest, it is way up high on her chance of her coming off the back but at full accelleration....without warning has her head doing the ragdoll dance.....but if i tell her to be ready..
she put's her head between my skinny we go into a sweet long first gear wheelie..just ask "DOC"....