Finished Product


I am all done with the mods I have been working on with my Busa. Here are a few pics of the finished product.

This side view shows the Yoshimura titanium bolt ons, the Mototech clear front turn signals, and Mototech undertail.

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From the back and a better view of that undertail.

I liked this undertail because of the extra turn signals. There are also amber bulbs in the tail lights. I couldn't get a snap of them all lit up though.

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Here is a better view of the front turn signal lenses. They are clear, no jewel cuts at all. So I got these 'titanium' bulbs to go in there, since they'd be so visible. They glow amber, but when not lit, they look chrome.

On a side note, these new bulbs apparently draw more power since after installing them my flashers now blink at a more normal rate instead of the fast flashing.

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tell me about your undertail:
did you install it? if yes, was it a pain? how is the quality? it loooks nice.
Cache, I did the undertail myself. I ordered it from Mototech and within a few days I had it.

Installation required cutting the stock fender a lot. I kept that part so I can make photos of it as a guide for other installations. The fender cuts easily, but there are tight spots, so patience is key.

In my opinion, the Mototech undertail with extra turn signals fits the Busa well. I did not have to cut it at all. The tabs lined up with the stock fender holes -- you still have to drill each hole in the undertail.

The hardest part of the whole installation was removing the plastics from the tail of the bike so I could get started. Everything else went smoothly.

If anyone wants some more detail on the undertail or installation, let me know.

Oh, and on the turn signals up front. They really are clear, like glass. I hadn't expected it, but in the end I like them that way. With the 'titanium' bulbs, they have a nice chrome look and look similar to the headlights.
This web link will take you to Mototeck, where I got the undertail and front turn signals.

At $330, the undertail is among the most expensive. The front lenses are also expensive at about $90.

I'm not sure if Mototeck stuff is avaliable anywhere else.