Fast idle lever


Well, with the weather getting colder and colder and with me still driving my new Busa to and from work when the temp drops into the 30's, I've noticed that the fast idle lever on my bike doesn't seem to do much of anything. If I start the bike, then crank the lever all the way, the RPMs barely move at all. I have my idle set at 1100 and cranking the lever might bring it up to only 1200 RPMs. Then if I twist the throtle, the RPMs will settle back down at about 1700-1800 RPMs with the lever at full. Is this about the right speed for the fast idle? It just seems a little slow. I was thinking it might be better in the 2200-2500 RPM range, but I could be mistaken. Anyone have any input???
I think according to the manual the fast Idle lever should tweek your idle up to about 3K, mine doesn't seem to do a damn thing but keep her running for about the first 10 seconds after start... Other than that she is just runnin rich without a reason...
set your fast idle screw to keep it at or above 1200. the screw seems to rattle loose after a few thousand miles and I'm pondering a 'wire' fix for that somehow. the fast idle level on the left [not a choke at all] seems to be adjusted way wrong IE first 2/3 or throw is worthless, but I had my mech do something with the cabling and he got it to hold around 3k when opened fully. I might mod that myself also... trouble is you tighten it too much and turning corners will up the RPMs on you using it, so maybe that 2/3 play is needed.
Thanks WWJD, question...where is the fast idle screw? I know how to adjust the normal idle speed...

I might be mixing up the 'idle' and 'fast idle' screw in my talking. Anyway, on my '03, it's on the right side under my tank sort of behind the frame. I think my mech told me about another setting near the front, where the cables from the fast idle level go into, that is yellow colored [??] and you can adjust something there too. I believe the manual shows a diagram wherre the idle setting is found. Mine was at 800 new and not running well. I adjusted it and it dropped back again before the 600 oil change. They adjusted it and it dropped again before the 1000 oil change, and again at the 4000 and again at my 7500... grrrrr!
You can find the adjustment screws by lifting the tank and then turn the fast idle lever at the bar and you can clearly see what is moving and what needs to be adjusted/set. You also can adjust it at the bar by loosening the adjustment lock nut and cranking it as needed but at the bar you only have so much to play with.

I too noticed the amount of slack and adjusted out some of it but it still has little effect on the idle speed. IMHO I think the lever simply does not have enough throw to give any real adjustment. Maybe something could be rigged but them you run into the problem of turning the bars which will the cable tighten somewhat so you need some slack.

Between the idle speed and the fast idle adjustment I have almost given up and just resolved to the fact that you have to regularly tinker with them and they never stay put. Not that big of a deal.
Maybe it's just there to provide us with something to do while starting em' up...Sorta like that button at crosswalks...

Something else I adjusted the other day whilst, putting air in the tires and adjusting my chain too tight...  I adjusted the play in my throttle, cut down to about 3mils the amount of dead space in it.  That has really improved feel and eliminated a lot of my off closed throttle jerkiness...  

Tonight I'll prolly adjust the idle.  I figure if I set it at about 5K I will have cruise control for free.... ;)
Rev, I adjusted my throttle play the day I brought it home, it bugged me SOO BAD! It makes a differnece. I guess that play is supposedly in there so when turning it won't pull the lines and speed up or slow down your RPMs. makes sense, but never affected mine and I have NO play in throttle now.

Today, the dealer adjusted my idle screw and put "Lock tight" or some gummy thing on it for me. They also fixed up my fast idle lever so it hits 5000 when on full. Now it IS cruise control - but believe me, it feels really weird to take your hand off the THROTTLE side grip for more than a few seconds.
My fast idle will hold 2000rpm until it is pushed back to the off position,it always works well.Normal idle is 1000