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A young Marine that I served with has died. He was injured in a vehicle accident and died in Germany. I write this not for any sympathy but so that you all remember what a dangerous line of work these young men do. I can see his face and remember all kinds of little things about him. He is survived by his Wife and child.

He was a Marine and a proud one. Say a prayer for him tonight.

Semper Fidelis Sergeant

Fair winds and following seas...


And when I get to Heaven St. Peters I will tell another Marine reporting Sir! I spent my time in Hell.

Semper Fi
Sgt Lambert
Its really rough hearing about people falling from my sister branch. Cuz at any given time I could be next. I wish his family the best and may that young troop never be forgotten.

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I salute thee.


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Hats off in Ks.........
Sorry to hear of your loss but, I assure you this Kansan will never forget those who have served this great nation................

Will keep you and his family in our prayers.
Hey Marc sorry to hear of the loss of our Shipmate. I understand how hard that could be. I lost one of my shipmates that works for me 3 weeks ago. Stay strong and I'll say a prayer.

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