Fairing Kits

I've never dealt with CBC. But Chinese fairings are Chinese fairings....

Saw this on ocmoto.com
College Biker Club has two different types of fairings for sale. The $550 is the cheaper kind with poor quality paint and then they have more expensive sets that start @ $775 which use thicker plastics and better quality paint. They go by easyfairings.com when it comes to the $775 fairings. Tell David that Super Jaymze from OCMoto referred you and he'll give you a discount.
I purchased a double-bubble poly-carb windshield from them and it is a good quality product. I can't speak to the fairings.
No Chinese is not Chinese. While I agree they are not near as good as OEM, there is some "decent" Chinese fairings and there is junk ones. $750 vs. $2300 is a choice some of have to make sometimes.

And P.S. I had to send 3 OEM plastics back because they had problems out of the box. Things ain't what they used to be.